Monday, August 1, 2011

What do parents think their kids are really entitled to...

The other night, we asked an audience of parents what they thought their kids really were entitled to, and the early responses are unanimous: to our love, to be fed and clothed, to be well treated….

Most say they think children are entitled to parents who love them unconditionally and who think of them as their top priority.

But then there starts to be some division….Are they entitled to a college education? To a generous allowance? To having their room cleaned and their clothes washed and their meals prepared and to have things cleaned up after them?

Are small children entitled to eat only what they want and like? Are they entitled not to obey you if they don’t like what you ask them to do?

Sometimes for parents, it’s more about being wise than about being generous….

And its about what kids need more than about what they want or about what our love would like to give them.

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