Monday, June 27, 2011

Why We Call it The Entitlement Trap

Someone who had heard about our new book, set for release this September, and asked us why we called it a TRAP.

The answer we gave her was something like this: Our kids are getting snared by a dangerous trap. Their sense of entitlement, fed by today’s debt-ridden society and instant gratification mentality (and exacerbated by our own indulgent parenting methods) clamps them into frightening patterns of laziness and irresponsibility.

Un-rescued, they will never know the freedom of true independence or develop the initiative to find real fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

The rescue can happen at home, while our children are young. It involves a system that teaches them to earn, to save, to budget, to think ahead, to decide, and to accept ownership and responsibility for everything from their toys to their goals.

The book (and this web page) are all about how to stop indulging our children and start training them to have the economic savvy and the independent choice-making ability to escape the entitlement trap.

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  1. The entitlement syndrome is something that Satan is using as a tool for all. Public education was developed into one of the best socialize program that we have today. Notice I didn't say perfect, but this program WAS developed to help enforce family values. I'm sure Linda and Richard are a product of that system. The public education is under attack because parents feel entitled that their child do not lack of anything. As Satan has worked to destroy the family value structure, the only thing left is to try and destroy is public education that has provided value structure for children's lives that have been turned upside down with the destruction of the family system. So these good and productive parents who have withstood Satan's wrath have unknowing felt this entitlement to have tax dollars used to send their children to private schools, charter schools now a bill for online education has been passed that will rip money away from public system again, that will continue to weak the public system giving some that entitlement feeling. +2 for Satan. Richard and Linda you too have been a part of the entitlement syndrome.