Thursday, June 9, 2011


It seems that the biggest parenting problem of this generation of kids can be stated in one word: “Entitlement!”

As we speak to parenting groups around the world, we often ask them to vote on their greatest worry as parents, and Entitlement always wins! Kids who think they have to have everything they want—and everything their friends have—and have it right now with no waiting and with no working.

Often well over 50% of our audiences say this is the biggest problem, even when their other choices are things like substance abuse, peer pressure, and sexual experimentation.

It just seems that the attitude of entitlement is an epidemic among today’s kids!

And the problem is, to be blunt, parents are not doing anything to solve it. In fact, in most cases they are causing it! (or at least contributing to it.

This web page is devoted to finding answers—answers on how parents can “unspoil” their kids—on how homes and families and parents can become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

We hope you will visit this page often, that you will find useful, usable ideas, and that you will dialogue with us as we seek to solve the Entitlement Trap, and to save America economically and motivationally—one kid at a time, and one family at a time.

Best, Richard and Linda Eyre


  1. I have gained much knowledge and many ideas that you have written over the years and enjoyed 4 wonderful "JOY"-filled years with my two youngest girls with your fabulous Joy School curriculum. I am anxiously awaiting for "The Entitlement Trap" to come out as well.

    Richard, I think you should run for President! Or at least send our current one a copy of your book with the entire thing highlighted!
    Best of luck with your newest words of wisdom for the world!

  2. Linda and Richard,

    I appreciated your comment on my blog and invitation to contribute to your website and the information about your new book. I read your column in the paper and think you two are great.

    Unfortunately (or rather fortunately, in another sense), I am expecting my ninth child and I am cutting back on any extras as I deal with the worst part of my pregnancy.

    I do have a good friend who I'm sure would love the opportunity to work with you, however. Lindsay Ruiz is a wonderful mother who adores your family (she's even told me once she'd love to be adopted in) and your books. She's a great mom to four and has been to a couple of the Power of Moms retreats. Her website is here:

    Good luck to you! I look forward to reading your book and wish you every success with it.