Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family Economy

One benefit of our family economy is that it has turned our kids into values shoppers when it comes to clothes. The younger one looks for sales, and the older one, who used to have to have the “right brand” won’t go near the expensive labels anymore because she has figured out she can get something just as good at the outlets or at Costco for a third of the price.

I gave my daughter a new outfit that I know she liked the other day and her eyes actually welled up with tears as she thanked me for it. Before we had the family economy she would have just taken it for granted, but now she knows how much it cost and how much work she would have had to do and how much she would have had to save to buy it.

I’ll tell you one thing about the family economy. It has put an end to hand-me-downs! Our younger boy wanted the shirt that the older one had outgrown and I overheard the older one saying “I paid 30 dollars for that shirt. I will sell it to you for 25.” Guess I am going to have to teach him about depreciation.

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